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Publications:  Dr Yasser Bhatti

Bhatti YA, Prime M, Harris M, Wadge H, McQueen J, Patel H, Carter AW, Parston G et al.(2017). The search for the holy grail: frugal innovation in healthcare from low-income or middle-income countries for reverse innovation to developed countries. BMJ Innovations vol. 3, (4) 212-220.
Bhatti Y, Taylor A, Harris M, Wadge H, Escobar E, Prime M, Patel H, Carter AW et al.(2017). Global Lessons In Frugal Innovation To Improve Health Care Delivery In The United States. Health Affairs vol. 36, (11) 1912-1919.
Kulasabanathan K, Issa H, Bhatti Y, Prime M, del Castillo J, Darzi A, Harris M(2017). Do International Health Partnerships contribute to reverse innovation? a mixed methods study of THET-supported partnerships in the UK. Globalization and Health vol. 13, (1) Article 25,
Harris M, Bhatti Y, Darzi A(2016). Does the Country of Origin Matter in Health Care Innovation Diffusion?. JAMA vol. 315, (11) 1103-1103.
Selin C, Kimbell L, Ramirez R, Bhatti Y(2015). Scenarios and design: Scoping the dialogue space. Futures vol. 74, 4-17.
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