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Publications:  Dr Leslie James

JAMES LE(2019). “Essential things such as typewriters”: development discourse, trade union expertise, and the dialogues of decolonization between the Caribbean and West Africa. Journal of Social History vol. 53, (2) 378-401.
JAMES LE(2018). The Flying Newspapermen and the time-space of late colonial Nigeria. Comparative Studies in Society and History vol. 60, (3) 569-598.
James L, Leow R, Lewis SL, Stolte C, McCann G, Abou El-Fadl R(2018). Manifesto: Networks of Decolonization in Asia and Africa. Radical History Review vol. 131, 176-283.
JAMES LE(2016). Transatlantic Passages: Black Identity Construction in West African and West Indian Newspapers, 1935-1950. African Print Cultures,
James L, Whittall D(2016). Ambiguity and Imprint: British Racial Logics, Colonial Commissions of Enquiry, and the Creolization of Britain in the 1930s and 1940s. Callaloo vol. 39, (1) 166-184.
James L, Leake E, Zeiler T(2015). Decolonization and the Cold War Negotiating Independence. Bloomsbury Publishing
James LE(2015). ‘Playing the Russian Game’: Black Radicalism, the Press, and Colonial Office Attempts to Control Anti-Colonialism in the Early Cold War, 1946–50. The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History vol. 43, (3) 509-534.
JAMES LE(2014). George Padmore and Decolonization from Below: Pan-Africanism, the Cold War, and the End of Empire. Palgrave
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