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Publications:  Dr James Brindley

De Silva S, Li W, Kemos P, Brindley JH, Mecci J, Samsuddin S, Chin-Aleong J, Feakins RM et al.(2018). Non-invasive markers of liver fibrosis in fatty liver disease are unreliable in people of south asian descent. Frontline Gastroenterology vol. 9, (2) 115-121.
De Silva S, Li W, Kemos P, Brindley JH, Feakins R, Chinaleong J, Samsuddin S, Foster GR et al. (2017). Blood-test based assessment of liver fibrosis, but not transient elastography, is less accurate in NAFLD patients of South Asian compared to White ethnicity. JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY. vol. 66, S595-S596.
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