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Publications:  Mr Nan Jiang

Jiang N, Deng Y, Nallanathan A, Chambers JA(2019). Reinforcement Learning for Real-Time Optimization in NB-IoT Networks. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications vol. 37, (6) 1424-1440.
Jiang N, Deng Y, Simeone O, Nallanathan A (2019). Cooperative Deep Reinforcement Learning for Multiple-group NB-IoT Networks Optimization. ICASSP, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing - Proceedings. vol. 2019-May, 8424-8428.
Jiang N, Deng Y, Nallanathan A, Kang X, Quek TQS(2018). Analyzing random access collisions in massive IoT networks. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications vol. 17, (10) 6853-6870.
Jiang N, Deng Y, Nallanathan A, Kang X, Quek TQS (2018). Collision Analysis of mIot Network with Power Ramping Scheme. IEEE International Conference on Communications. vol. 2018-May,
Jiang N, Deng Y, Kang X, Nallanathan A(2018). Random Access Analysis for Massive IoT Networks under A New Spatio-Temporal Model: A Stochastic Geometry Approach. IEEE Transactions on Communications
Jiang N, Deng Y, Condoluci M, Guo W, Nallanathan A, Dohler M(2018). RACH Preamble Repetition in NB-IoT Network. IEEE Communications Letters vol. 22, (6) 1244-1247.
Jiang N, Deng Y, Kang X, Nallanathan A (2017). A New Spatio-Temporal Model for Random Access in Massive IoT Networks. 2017 IEEE Global Communications Conference, GLOBECOM 2017 - Proceedings. vol. 2018-January, 1-7.
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