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Publications:  Dr Claire Harris

HARRIS CRE, Ashton N, LEWIS SG(2019). From Site to Museum: a Critical Assessment of Collection History on the Formation and Interpretation of the British Early Palaeolithic Record. Journal of Paleolithic Archaeology vol. 2, (1) 1-25.
Ashton N, HARRIS C, LEWIS SG(2018). Frontiers and route-ways from Europe: the Early Middle Palaeolithic of Britain. Journal of Quaternary Science vol. 33, (2) 194-211.
Ashton N, LEWIS S, HARRIS CRE(2015). The distribution of early Palaeolithic sites in Britain. No Stone Unturned: Papers in Honour of Roger Jacobi, Editors: Ashton, N, HARRIS, C, Lithic Studies Society
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