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Publications:  Dr Samuel Halvorsen

Halvorsen S(2020). El Territorio en disputa: estrategias políticas y movimientos socioterritoriales. REVISTA PUNTO SUR Revista de Geografía de la UBA (3)
Docherty AB, Alam S, Shah AS, Moss A, Newby DE, Mills NL, Stanworth SJ, Lone NI et al.(2018). Unrecognised myocardial infarction and its relationship to outcome in critically ill patients with cardiovascular disease. Intensive Care Medicine vol. 44, (12) 2059-2069.
HALVORSEN ST(2018). Cartographies of epistemic expropriation: critical reflections on learning from the South. Geoforum
Halvorsen S(2018). Decolonising territory: Dialogues with Latin American knowledges and grassroots strategies. Progress in Human Geography vol. 43, (5) 790-814.
Halvorsen S(2017). Spatial dialectics and the geography of social movements: the case of Occupy London. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers vol. 42, (3) 445-457.
Halvorsen S(2015). Militant research against-and-beyond itself: critical perspectives from the university and Occupy London. Area vol. 47, (4) 466-472.
Halvorsen S(2015). Encountering Occupy London: Boundary Making and the Territoriality of Urban Activism. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space vol. 33, (2) 314-330.
Halvorsen S(2014). Taking Space: Moments of Rupture and Everyday Life in Occupy London. Antipode vol. 47, (2) 401-417.
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