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Publications:  Mr Anders Jensen

Drew A(2020). Elucidating the Effect of Planar Graphitic Layers and Cylindrical Pores on the Storage and Diffusion of Li, Na, and K in Carbon Materials. Advanced Functional Materials
Jensen ACS, Imberti S, Habraken WJEM, Bertinetti L(2020). Small Ionic Radius Limits Magnesium Water Interaction in Amorphous Calcium/Magnesium Carbonates. Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Jensen ACS, Olsson E, Au H, Alptekin H, Yang Z, Cottrell S, Yokoyama K, Cai Q et al.(2019). Local mobility in electrochemically inactive sodium in hard carbon anodes after the first cycle. Journal of Materials Chemistry A vol. 8, (2) 743-749.
Li Y, Lu Y, Meng Q, Jensen ACS, Zhang Q, Zhang Q, Tong Y, Qi Y et al.(2019). Regulating Pore Structure of Hierarchical Porous Waste Cork-Derived Hard Carbon Anode for Enhanced Na Storage Performance. Advanced Energy Materials vol. 9, (48)
Xie F, Xu Z, Jensen A, Ding F, Au H, Feng J, Luo H, Qiao M et al.(2019). Unveiling the role of hydrothermal carbon dots as anodes in sodium-ion batteries with ultrahigh initial Coulombic efficiency. Journal of Materials Chemistry A
DREW ALAN, Araullo-Peters V, XIE F, Xu Z, JENSEN A, Lu Y, Hu Y-S, TITIRICI MARIA-MAGDALENA(2019). Hard-Soft Carbon Composite Anodes with Synergistic Sodium Storage Performance. Advanced Functional Materials
Jensen ACS, Birkedal H, Bertinetti L(2019). Co-incorporation of alkali metal ions during amorphous calcium carbonate precipitation and their stabilizing effect. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics vol. 21, (24) 13239-13242.
Herou S, Ribadeneyra MC, Madhu R, Araullo-Peters V, Jensen A, Schlee P, Titirici M(2019). Ordered mesoporous carbons from lignin: A new class of biobased electrodes for supercapacitors. Green Chemistry vol. 21, (3) 550-559.
Jensen ACS, Rodriguez I, Habraken WJEM, Fratzl P, Bertinetti L(2018). Mobility of hydrous species in amorphous calcium/magnesium carbonates. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics vol. 20, (29) 19682-19688.
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