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Publications:  Mr Duong Quang Khai Nguyen

Kong D, Megone W, Nguyen KDQ, Di Cio S, Ramstedt M, Gautrot JE(2018). Protein Nanosheet Mechanics Controls Cell Adhesion and Expansion on Low-Viscosity Liquids. Nano Lett
Kong D, Nguyen KDQ, Megone W, Peng L, Gautrot JE(2017). The culture of HaCaT cells on liquid substrates is mediated by a mechanically strong liquid–liquid interface. Faraday Discuss. vol. 204, 367-381.
Nguyen KDQ, Megone WV, Kong D, Gautrot JE(2016). Ultrafast diffusion-controlled thiol-ene based crosslinking of silicone elastomers with tailored mechanical properties for biomedical applications. Polymer Chemistry vol. 7, (33) 5281-5293.
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