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Publications:  Ms Sana Sajun

Sajun SZ, Albutt K, Moosajee US, Drevin G, Mukhopadhyay S, Samad L(2020). Self-diagnosis of surgical site infections: Lessons from a tertiary care centre in Karachi, Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences vol. 36, S55-S60.
Sabitova A, Sajun SZ, Nicholson S, Mosler F, Priebe S(2019). Job morale of physicians in low-income and middle-income countries: A systematic literature review of qualitative studies. BMJ Open vol. 9, (12)
Priebe S, Fung C, Sajun SZ, Alinaitwe R, Giacco D, Gómez-Restrepo C, Kulenovi¿ AD, Nakasujja N et al.(2019). Resource-oriented interventions for patients with severe mental illnesses in low-and middle-income countries: Trials in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Colombia and Uganda. BMC Psychiatry vol. 19, (1)
Samad L, Jawed F, Sajun SZ, Baig-Ansari N, Lotia-Farrukh I, Khan FS, Khan AJ, Fisher-Hoch SP(2015). Community-based assessment of surgical symptoms in a low-income urban population. World Journal of Surgery vol. 39, (3) 677-685.
Mohammed S, Sajun SZ, Khan FS(2015). Harnessing Photovoice for tuberculosis advocacy in Karachi Pakistan. Health Promotion International vol. 30, (2) 262-269.
Samad L, Jawed F, Sajun SZ, Arshad MH, Baig-Ansari N(2013). Barriers to accessing surgical care: A cross-sectional survey conducted at a tertiary care hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. World Journal of Surgery vol. 37, (10) 2313-2321.
Khan FS, Lotia-Farrukh I, Khan AJ, Siddiqui ST, Sajun SZ, Malik AA, Burfat A, Arshad MH et al.(2013). The Burden of Non-Communicable Disease in Transition Communities in an Asian Megacity: Baseline Findings from a Cohort Study in Karachi, Pakistan. PLoS ONE vol. 8, (2)
Raza S, Sajun SZ, Selhorst CC(2012). Breast cancer in Pakistan: Identifying local beliefs and knowledge. Journal of the American College of Radiology vol. 9, (8) 571-577.
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