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Publications:  Dr Francisco Jose Gonzalez Carreras

Green L, Daru J, Dodds J, Gonzalez Carreras FJ, Lanz D, Zamora J, Pardo Llorente MDC, Pérez Pérez T et al.(2020). Effect of early cryoprecipitate transfusion versus standard care in women who develop severe postpartum haemorrhage (ACROBAT) in the UK: a protocol for a pilot cluster randomised trial. BMJ open vol. 10, (6)
Amaefule CE, Bolou A, Drymoussi Z, Gonzalez Carreras FJ, Pardo Llorente MDC, Lanz D, Dodds J, Sweeney L et al.(2020). Effectiveness and acceptability of metformin in preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes after gestational diabetes in postnatal women: a protocol for a randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind feasibility trial. Optimising health outcomes with Metformin to prevent diAbetes After pregnancy (OMAhA). BMJ open vol. 10, (5) e036198-e036198.
Speckesser SS, Gonzalez Carreras FJ, Kirchner Sala L(2019). Active labour market policies for young people and youth unemployment: An analysis based on aggregate data. International Journal of Manpower vol. 40, (8)
Thangaratinam S, Khan K, Al Wattar B, Dodds J, PLACZEK A, Beresford L, Spyreli E, Moore A et al.(2019). Mediterranean-style diet in pregnant women with metabolic risk factors (ESTEEM): a pragmatic multicentre randomised trial. PLoS Medicine vol. 16, (7)
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