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Publications:  Dr Clementine Chirol

Brooks H, Möller I, Carr S, Chirol C, Christie E, Evans B, Spencer KL, Spencer T et al.(2020). Resistance of salt marsh substrates to near-instantaneous hydrodynamic forcing. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
Chirol C, Haigh ID, Pontee N, Thompson CE, Gallop SL(2018). Parametrizing tidal creek morphology in mature saltmarshes using semi-automated extraction from lidar. Remote Sensing of Environment vol. 209, 291-311.
Chirol C, Amos CL, Kassem H, Lefebvre A, Umgiesser G, Cucco A(2015). The influence of bed roughness on turbulence: Cabras lagoon, Sardinia, Italy. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering vol. 3, (3) 935-956.
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