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Publications:  Prof Seon Hye Lim

Lim CSH, Yurukoglu A(2018). Dynamic Natural Monopoly Regulation: Time Inconsistency, Moral Hazard, and Political Environments. Journal of Political Economy vol. 126, (1) 263-312.
Lim CSH, Silveira BS, Snyder JM(2016). Do Judges’ Characteristics Matter? Ethnicity, Gender, and Partisanship in Texas State Trial Courts. American Law and Economics Review vol. 18, (2) 302-357.
Lim CSH, Snyder JM, Strömberg D(2015). The Judge, the Politician, and the Press: Newspaper Coverage and Criminal Sentencing across Electoral Systems. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics vol. 7, (4) 103-135.
Lim CSH(2015). Media Influence on Courts: Evidence from Civil Case Adjudication. American Law and Economics Review vol. 17, (1) 87-126.
LIM SH(2015). Is More Information Always Better? Party Cues and Candidate Quality in U.S. Judicial Election. Journal of Public Economics
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