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Publications:  Dr Benjamin Holgate

Holgate B(2019). Intersecting Imperialisms: The Rise and Fall of Empires in Richard Flanagan’s The Narrow Road to the Deep North. Journal of World Literature vol. 4, (2019) 437-457.
HOLGATE BD(2019). Climate and Crises: Magical Realism as Environmental Discourse. Routledge
HOLGATE BD(2019). The Calcutta Chromosome in a Magical Realism Course. Approaches to Teaching the Works of Amitav Ghosh, Editors: Desai, G, Hawley, J, Modern Language Association of America (New York),
HOLGATE BD(2018). Greening a Narrative Mode: Antipodean Magical Realism and Ecocriticism in Richard Flanagan’s Fiction. Richard Flanagan: Critical Essays, Editors: Dixon, R, Sydney University Press (Sydney),
HOLGATE BD(2017). The Fear of Solitude: How Marketing Makes Real Magic. The Global Histories of Books Methods and Practices, Springer
Holgate B(2015). Unsettling narratives: Re-evaluating magical realism as postcolonial discourse through Alexis Wright’sCarpentariaandThe Swan Book. Journal of Postcolonial Writing vol. 51, (6) 634-647.
HOLGATE BD(2014). ‘The Impossibility of Knowing’: Developing Magical Realism’s Irony in Gould’s Book of Fish. Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature vol. 14, (5)
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