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Publications:  Dr Linus Wunderlich

Bayat HR, Krämer J, Wunderlich L, Wulfinghoff S, Reese S, Wohlmuth B, Wieners C(2018). Numerical evaluation of discontinuous and nonconforming finite element methods in nonlinear solid mechanics. Computational Mechanics
Steinbach O, Wohlmuth B, Wunderlich L(2015). Trace and fluxa priorierror estimates in finite-element approximations of Signorni-type problems. IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis vol. 36, (3) 1072-1095.
Brivadis E, Buffa A, Wohlmuth B, Wunderlich L(2015). Isogeometric mortar methods. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering vol. 284, 292-319.
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