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Publications:  Dr Tanzil Chowdhury

Chowdhury T(2020). Time, Temporality and Legal Judgment. Routledge
CHOWDHURY T(2019). Policing the ‘Black Party’- Racialised Drugs Policing at Festivals in the UK. The War on Drugs and The Global Colour Line
CHOWDHURY T, Yusuf H(2019). The Persistence of Colonial Constitutionalism in British Overseas Territories. Global Constitutionalism
Yusuf HO, Chowdhury T(2019). The U.N. Committee of 24's dogmatic philosophy of recognition: Toward a sui generis approach to decolonization. Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies vol. 26, (2) 437-460.
Chowdhury T(2018). Taming the UK's war prerogative: The rationale for reform. Legal Studies vol. 38, (3) 500-513.
Chowdhury T(2017). Time Frames and Legal Indeterminacy. Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence vol. 30, (1) 57-76.
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