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Publications:  Dr Alison Berner

Berner A, Craven C, Laskou F, Graham N, Ingle G(2016). Lumbar puncture: low-cost interventions improve efficiency and patient experience. Clinical Medicine vol. 16, (Suppl 3) s2-s2.
Berner AM, Haroon A, Nowosinska E, Offiah C, Luqman M, Newell M, Jan H(2015). Localization of parathyroid disease with 'sequential multiphase and dual-tracer' technique and comparison with neck ultrasound. Nucl Med Commun vol. 36, (1) 45-52.
Vulliamy P, Berner AM, Farooq MS, Srilekha A(2013). Near-fatal small bowel ischaemia secondary to sacrocolpopexy mesh. BMJ Case Reports
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