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Publications:  Dr Yousaf Jamil

Ramzan M, Arshad MI, Amin N, Mahmood K, Ali A, Sharif M, Ikram S, Jamil Y et al.(2019). Effect of la and ce co-doping on structural, spectral and electrical properties of ba-ni m type hexaferrites. Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures vol. 14, (3) 849-854.
Shahzad HA, Jamil Y, Iqbal M, Musadiq M, Naeem MA(2014). Effect of laser irradiation on micro-structural properties of zinc ferrite. Asian Journal of Chemistry vol. 26, (7) 1887-1890.
Naeem MA, Iqbal M, Amin N, Musadiq M, Jamil Y, Cecil F(2013). Measurement of electron density and temperature of laser-induced copper plasma. Asian Journal of Chemistry vol. 25, (4) 2192-2198.
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