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Publications:  Dr Benjamin Gridley

Malins EL, Amabilino S, Yilmaz G, Isikgor FH, Gridley BM, Becer CR(2015). Precise insertion of clickable monomer along polymer backbone by dynamic temperature controlled radical polymerization. European Polymer Journal vol. 62, 347-351.
Blundell TJ, Hastings FR, Gridley BM, Moxey GJ, Lewis W, Blake AJ, Kays DL(2014). Ligand influences on homoleptic Group 12 m-terphenyl complexes. Dalton Trans. vol. 43, (38) 14257-14264.
Gridley BM, Moxey GJ, Lewis W, Blake AJ, Kays DL(2013). Conformational Isomerism in Monomeric, Low-Coordinate Group 12 Complexes Stabilized by a Naphthyl-Substitutedm-Terphenyl Ligand. Chemistry - A European Journal vol. 19, (34) 11446-11453.
Gridley BM, Blundell TJ, Moxey GJ, Lewis W, Blake AJ, Kays DL(2013). Cubane and dicubane complexes stabilised by sterically demanding m-terphenyl ligands. Chemical Communications vol. 49, (84) 9752-9752.
Gridley BM, Blake AJ, Davis AL, Lewis W, Moxey GJ, Kays DL(2012). Low-coordinate cobalt(ii) terphenyl complexes: precursors to sterically encumbered ketones. Chemical Communications vol. 48, (71) 8910-8910.
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