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Publications:  Dr Guven Demirel

DEMIREL G, MacCarthy BL, Ritterskamp D, Champneys AR, Gross T(2019). Identifying dynamical instabilities in supply networks using generalized modeling. Journal of Operations Management
Ritterskamp D, Demirel G, MacCarthy BL, Rudolf L, Champneys AR, Gross T(2018). Revealing instabilities in a generalized triadic supply network: A bifurcation analysis. Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science vol. 28, (7) 073103-073103.
Quigley J, Walls L, Demirel G, MacCarthy BL, Parsa M(2017). Supplier quality improvement: The value of information under uncertainty. European Journal of Operational Research vol. 264, (3) 932-947.
Demirel G, Barter E, Gross T(2017). Dynamics of epidemic diseases on a growing adaptive network. Sci Rep vol. 7,
Silk H, Demirel G, Homer M, Gross T(2014). Exploring the adaptive voter model dynamics with a mathematical triple jump. New Journal of Physics vol. 16,
Demirel G, Vazquez F, Böhme GA, Gross T(2013). Moment-closure approximations for discrete adaptive networks. Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena vol. 267, 68-80.
Couzin ID, Ioannou CC, Demirel G, Gross T, Torney CJ, Hartnett A, Conradt L, Levin SA et al.(2011). Uninformed individuals promote democratic consensus in animal groups. Science vol. 334, (6062) 1578-1580.
Demirel G, Prizak R, Reddy PN, Gross T(2011). Cyclic dominance in adaptive networks. European Physical Journal B vol. 84, (4) 541-548.
Atilgan C, Atilgan AR, Demirel G(2008). Collective behavior of El Farol attendees. Advances in Complex Systems vol. 11, (4) 629-639.
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