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Publications:  Dr Joe Penny

Penny J(2020). The new enclosure: The appropriation of public land in neoliberal Britain. JOURNAL OF URBAN AFFAIRS vol. 42, (2) 286-288.
Penny J(2019). Promises of the political: insurgent cities in a post-political environment. URBAN GEOGRAPHY
Penny J(2019). ‘Defend the Ten’: Everyday dissensus against the slow spoiling of Lambeth’s libraries. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space
Beswick J, Penny J(2018). Demolishing the Present to Sell off the Future? The Emergence of ‘Financialized Municipal Entrepreneurialism’ in London. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research vol. 42, (4) 612-632.
Penny J(2016). Between coercion and consent: the politics of “Cooperative Governance” at a time of “Austerity Localism” in London. Urban Geography vol. 38, (9) 1352-1373.
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