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Publications:  Dr Caroline Anderson

Anderson CA, Patel P, Viney JM, Phillips RM, Solari R, Pease JE(2020). A degradatory fate for CCR4 suggests a primary role in Th2 inflammation. Journal of Leukocyte Biology vol. 107, (3) 455-466.
Anderson CA, Solari R, Pease JE(2015). Biased agonism at chemokine receptors: obstacles or opportunities for drug discovery?. Journal of Leukocyte Biology vol. 99, (6) 901-909.
Nedjai B, Viney JM, Li H, Hull C, Anderson CA, Horie T, Horuk R, Vaidehi N et al.(2015). CXCR3 antagonist VUF10085 binds to an intrahelical site distinct from that of the broad spectrum antagonist TAK-779. British Journal of Pharmacology vol. 172, (7) 1822-1833.
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