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Publications:  Dr Theresa Baker

Baker T, Clampitt J, Jain B, Trodden M(2018). Void lensing as a test of gravity. Physical Review D vol. 98, (2) Article 023511,
Baker T, Bellini E, Ferreira PG, Lagos M, Noller J, Sawicki I(2017). Strong Constraints on Cosmological Gravity from GW170817 and GRB 170817A. Physical Review Letters vol. 119, (25) Article 251301,
Baker T, Trodden M(2017). Multimessenger time delays from lensed gravitational waves. Physical Review D vol. 95, (6) Article 063512,
Lagos M, Baker T, Ferreira PG, Noller J(2016). A general theory of linear cosmological perturbations: scalar-tensor and vector-tensor theories. Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics vol. 2016, (08) 007-007.
Baker T, Bull P(2015). Observational signatures of modified gravity on ultra-large scales. Astrophys. J. vol. 811, 116-116.
Baker T, Psaltis D, Skordis C(2015). LINKING TESTS OF GRAVITY ON ALL SCALES: FROM THE STRONG-FIELD REGIME TO COSMOLOGY. The Astrophysical Journal vol. 802, (1) 63-63.
Baker T, Ferreira PG, Leonard CD, Motta M(2014). New gravitational scales in cosmological surveys. Physical Review D vol. 90, (12) Article 124030,
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