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Publications:  Ms Gnostothea-Veroniki Morfi

Chettri B, Stoller D, Morfi V, Martinez Ramirez M, Benetos E, Sturm B (2019). Ensemble Models for Spoofing Detection in Automatic Speaker Verification. Conference: 20th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association (INTERSPEECH 2019) (Graz, Austria) from: 15/07/2019 to: 19/09/2019, 1018-1022.
Ramírez MAM, Benetos E, Reiss JD (2019). A general-purpose deep learning approach to model time-varying audio effects. CoRR. vol. abs/1905.06148,
Morfi V, Stowell D(2018). Deep Learning for Audio Event Detection and Tagging on Low-Resource Datasets. Applied Sciences
Morfi V, STOWELL DF (2017). Deductive Refinement of Species Labelling in Weakly Labelled Birdsong Recordings. Conference: International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP2017 ) (New Orleans, USA) from: 05/03/2017 to: 09/03/2017,
STOWELL DF, Morfi GV, Gill LF (2016). Individual identity in songbirds: signal representations and metric learning for locating the information in complex corvid calls. Conference: InterSpeech (San Francisco) from: 08/06/2016 to: 12/09/2016,
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