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Publications:  Dr Vanira Trifiletti

Trifiletti V, Tseberlidis G, Colombo M, Spinardi A, Luong S, Danilson M, Grossberg M, Fenwick O et al.(2020). Growth and Characterization of Cu2Zn1-xFexSnS4 Thin Films for Photovoltaic Applications. Materials vol. 13, Article 1471,
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Trifiletti V, Mostoni S, Butrichi F, Acciarri M, Binetti S, Scotti. R(2019). Study of Precursor‐Inks Designed for High‐Quality Cu 2 ZnSnS 4 Films for Low‐Cost PV Application. ChemistrySelect vol. 4, (17) 4905-4912.
Le Donne A, Trifiletti V, Binetti S(2019). New Earth-Abundant Thin Film Solar Cells Based on Chalcogenides. Frontiers in Chemistry vol. 7,
Trifiletti V, Cannavale A, Listorti A, Rizzo A, Colella S(2018). Sequential deposition of hybrid halide perovskite starting both from lead iodide and lead chloride on the most widely employed substrates. Thin Solid Films vol. 657, 110-117.
Manfredi N, Trifiletti V, Melchiorre F, Giannotta G, Biagini P, Abbotto A(2018). Performance enhancement of a dye-sensitized solar cell by peripheral aromatic and heteroaromatic functionalization in di-branched organic sensitizers. New Journal of Chemistry: a journal for new directions in chemistry vol. 42, (11) 9281-9290.
Krustok J, Raadik T, Grossberg M, Kauk-Kuusik M, Trifiletti V, Binetti S(2018). Photoluminescence study of deep donor- deep acceptor pairs in Cu2ZnSnS4. Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing vol. 80, 52-55.
Boldrini CL, Manfredi N, Perna FM, Trifiletti V, Capriati V, Abbotto A(2017). Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells that use an Aqueous Choline Chloride-Based Deep Eutectic Solvent as Effective Electrolyte Solution. Energy Technology: generation, conversion, storage, distribution vol. 5, (2) 345-353.
Mileti¿ T, Pavoni E, Trifiletti V, Rizzo A, Listorti A, Colella S, Armaroli N, Bonifazi D(2016). Covalently Functionalized SWCNTs as Tailored p-Type Dopants for Perovskite Solar Cells. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces vol. 8, (41) 27966-27973.
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Magnano G, Marinotto D, Cipolla MP, Trifiletti V, Listorti A, Mussini PR, Di Carlo G, Tessore F et al.(2016). Influence of alkoxy chain envelopes on the interfacial photoinduced processes in tetraarylporphyrin-sensitized solar cells. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics vol. 18, (14) 9577-9585.
Trifiletti V, Roiati V, Colella S, Giannuzzi R, De Marco L, Rizzo A, Manca M, Listorti A et al.(2015). NiO/MAPbI3-xClx/PCBM: A Model Case for an Improved Understanding of Inverted Mesoscopic Solar Cells. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces vol. 7, (7) 4283-4289.
Orbelli Biroli A, Tessore F, Vece V, Di Carlo G, Mussini PR, Trifiletti V, De Marco L, Giannuzzi R et al.(2015). Highly improved performance of ZnII tetraarylporphyrinates in DSSCs by the presence of octyloxy chains in the aryl rings. Journal of Materials Chemistry A vol. 3, (6) 2954-2959.
Guerra VLP, Altamura D, Trifiletti V, Colella S, Listorti A, Giannuzzi R, Pellegrino G, Condorelli GG et al.(2015). Implications of TiO2 surface functionalization on polycrystalline mixed halide perovskite films and photovoltaic devices. Journal of Materials Chemistry A vol. 3, (41) 20811-20818.
Di Carlo G, Caramori S, Trifiletti V, Giannuzzi R, De Marco L, Pizzotti M, Orbelli Biroli A, Tessore F et al.(2014). Influence of Porphyrinic Structure on Electron Transfer Processes at the Electrolyte/Dye/TiO2 Interface in PSSCs: a Comparison between meso Push–Pull and β-Pyrrolic Architectures. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces vol. 6, (18) 15841-15852.
Di Carlo G, Orbelli Biroli A, Tessore F, Pizzotti M, Mussini PR, Amat A, De Angelis F, Abbotto A et al.(2014). Physicochemical Investigation of the Panchromatic Effect on β-Substituted ZnII Porphyrinates for DSSCs: The Role of the π Bridge between a Dithienylethylene Unit and the Porphyrinic Ring. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C vol. 118, (14) 7307-7320.
Leandri V, Ruffo R, Trifiletti V, Abbotto A(2013). Asymmetric Tribranched Dyes: An Intramolecular Cosensitization Approach for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. European Journal of Organic Chemistry vol. 2013, (30) 6793-6801.
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Abbotto A, Coluccini C, Dell'Orto E, Manfredi N, Trifiletti V, Salamone MM, Ruffo R, Acciarri M et al.(2012). Thiocyanate-free cyclometalated ruthenium sensitizers for solar cells based on heteroaromatic-substituted 2-arylpyridines. Dalton Transactions vol. 41, (38) 11731-11731.
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