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Publications:  Dr Yize Wan

(2020). COVID-19 Phenotypes and Potential Harm of Conventional Treatments: How to Prove the Hypothesis. American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine
Fowler A, Dobbs T, Wan Y, Laloo R, Hui S, Nepogodiev D, Pearse RM, ABBOTT T (2020). Estimated surgical requirements in England after COVID-19: a modelling study using hospital episode statistics.
Wan YI, Patel A, ABBOTT TEF, Achary C, Macdonald N, Duceppe E, Sessler DI, Szczeklik W et al.(2020). Prospective observational study of postoperative infection and outcomes after noncardiac surgery: analysis of prospective data from the VISION cohort. British Journal of Anaesthesia
Wan Y, Apea V, Dhairyawan R, Orkin C, Pearse RM, Prowle JR (2020). ETHICAL: Ethnic Disparities In COVID-19 Admissions in east London.
D¿Espiney R, Robbins A, Vincent J, Macavei V, Martin-Lazaro JF, Wan Y (2020). A Statistical Analysis Plan: Validity of ROX index for Nasal High Flow Therapy in Critical Care Patients, including those with hypercapnic respiratory failure.
Wan Y, McGuckin D, Fowler A, Prowle J, Pearse R, Moonesinghe R (2020). Socioeconomic deprivation and surgical outcomes: ISOS and VISION-UK sub-study (Statistical Analysis Plan).
Haines R, Fowler AJ, Wan Y, Heyland DK, Day A, Puthucheary Z, Prowle J (2020). Urea-to-creatinine ratio trajectories in multi-organ failure: a reanalysis of the REDOXS trial statistical analysis plan.
Haines R, Zolfaghari P, Wan Y, PUTHUCHEARY Z, Pearse R, Prowle J(2019). Elevated urea to creatinine ratio provides a biochemical signature of muscle catabolism and persistent critical illness after major trauma. Intensive Care Medicine
Wan Y, Patel A, Achary C, Hewson R, Phull M, Pearse R (2019). International Surgical Outcomes Study (ISOS) sub-study: post-operative infection (Statistical Analysis Plan).
Wan YI, Strachan DP, Stefansson K, Halapi E, McKeever T, Holloway JW, Sayers I, Hall IP (2010). Genome-Wide Association Study to Identify Genetic Determinants of Atopy. JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY. vol. 125, AB193-AB193.
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