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Publications:  Dr Margherita Malanchini

Rimfeld K, Malanchini M, Hannigan LJ, Dale PS, Allen R, Hart SA, Plomin R(2019). Teacher assessments during compulsory education are as reliable, stable and heritable as standardized test scores. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines vol. 60, (12) 1278-1288.
Malanchini M, Smith-Woolley E, Ayorech Z, Rimfeld K, Krapohl E, Vuoksimaa E, Korhonen T, Bartels M et al.(2019). Aggressive behaviour in childhood and adolescence: The role of smoking during pregnancy, evidence from four twin cohorts in the EU-ACTION consortium. Psychological Medicine vol. 49, (4) 646-654.
Malanchini M, Engelhardt LE, Grotzinger AD, Harden KP, Tucker-Drob EM(2018). "Same But Different": Associations Between Multiple Aspects of Self-Regulation, Cognition, and Academic Abilities. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Rimfelda K, Shakeshaft NG, Malanchini M, Rodic M, Selzam S, Schofield K, Dale PS, Kovas Y et al.(2017). Phenotypic and genetic evidence for a unifactorial structure of spatial abilities. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America vol. 114, (10) 2777-2782.
Malanchini M, Rimfeld K, Shakeshaft NG, Rodic M, Schofield K, Selzam S, Dale PS, Petrill SA et al.(2017). The genetic and environmental aetiology of spatial, mathematics and general anxiety. Scientific Reports vol. 7,
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