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Publications:  Dr Mario Slugan

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Slugan M(2019). Theorizing Fiction in Film Non/Fiction: Some Thoughts on Recent German Film Theory. Apparatus: Film, Media, & Digital Cultures in Central and Eastern Europe (8) 13-26.
Slugan M(2019). The film narrator and the early American screenwriting manuals. Early Popular Visual Culture
Slugan M(2019). The Turn-of-the-Century Understanding of ‘Fakes’ in the US and Western Europe. Participations: journal of audience and reception studies vol. 16, (1) 718-737.
Slugan M(2019). Noël Carroll and Film A Philosophy of Art and Popular Culture. Bloomsbury Publishing
Slugan M(2017). Montage as Perceptual Experience Berlin Alexanderplatz from Döblin to Fassbinder. Screen Cultures: German Film a
Slugan M(2017). Taking bazin literally. Projections (New York) vol. 11, (1) 63-82.
Slugan M(2016). Late 1920s film theory and criticism as a test-case for Benjamin’s generalizations on the experiential effects of editing. Early Popular Visual Culture vol. 14, (3) 215-233.
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