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Publications:  Dr Cecilia Muratori

Muratori C(2020). Renaissance Vegetarianism: The Philosophical Afterlives of Porphyry's On Abstinence. Legenda
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Muratori C(2018). Animals in the renaissance: You eat what you are. Animals: A History, Editors: Adamson, P, Edwards, GF, vol. 1, Oxford University Press
Muratori C(2018). Reflection: The gaze of the ape: Gabriel Von Max?s affenmalerei and the ?question of all questions?. Animals: A History, vol. 1, Oxford University Press
Muratori C(2017). ‘In human shape to become the very beast!’–Henry More on animals. British Journal for the History of Philosophy vol. 25, (5) 897-915.
Muratori C(2017). The body speaks Italian : Giuseppe Liceti and the conflict of philosophy and medicine in the Renaissance. Intellectual History Review vol. 27, Article 4, 473-492.
Muratori C(2017). Real animals in ideal cities : the place and use of animals in renaissance utopian literature. Renaissance Studies vol. 31, Article 2, 223-239.
Muratori C(2017). From animal bodies to human souls : (pseudo-)Aristotelian animals in Della Porta?s Physiognomics. Early Science and Medicine vol. 22, Article 1, 1-23.
Muratori C(2017). Die Utopie der Politik um 1600: Europa und die Welt in der deutschen Rezeption Tommaso Campanellas. Ideengeschichte um 1600 : Konstellationen zwischen Schulmetaphysik, Konfessionalisierung und hermetischer Spekulation, Editors: Schmidt-Biggemann, W, Vollhardt, F, frommann-holzboog
Muratori C, Paganini G(2016). Early Modern Philosophers and the Renaissance Legacy. Springer
Muratori C, Paganini G(2016). Early Modern Philosophers and the Renaissance Legacy. Springer
Muratori C(2016). From animal happiness to human unhappiness: Cardano, Vanini, Theophrastus redivivus (1659). Early modern philosophers and the renaissance legacy, Editors: Paganini, G, Muratori, C, Springer
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Muratori C(2012). Henry more on human passions and animal souls. Emotional Minds: The Passions and the Limits of Pure Inquiry in Early Modern Philosophy,
Muratori C(2008). Against the pariasmoral. Schopenhauer on the ethics of vivisection. Altex vol. 25, (4) 327-335.
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