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Publications:  Dr Yao Lu

Chen F, Hao S, Huang S, Lu Y(2020). Nanoscale SiO<inf>2</inf>-coated superhydrophobic meshes via electro-spray deposition for oil-water separation. Powder Technology vol. 373, 82-92.
Lu Y(2020). Self-healing on mismatched fractured composite surfaces of SiC with a diameter of 180 nm. Nanoscale
Lu Y(2020). Bamboo-joint-like platforms for fast, long-distance, directional and spontaneous transport of fluids. Biomicrofluidics
Lu Y(2020). Macroscale superlubricity enabled by graphene coated surfaces. Advanced Science
Song J, Huang L, Zhao C, Wu S, Liu H, Lu Y, Deng X, Carmalt CJ et al.(2019). Robust Superhydrophobic Conical Pillars from Syringe Needle Shape to Straight Conical Pillar Shape for Droplet Pancake Bouncing. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
Huang J, Shen J, Li S, Cai J, Wang S, Lu Y, He J, Carmalt CJ et al.(2019). TiO2 nanotube arrays decorated with Au and Bi2S3 nanoparticles for efficient Fe3+ ions detection and dye photocatalytic degradation. Journal of Materials Science and Technology vol. 39, 28-38.
Lu Y(2019). Superhydrophilic-Superhydrophobic Patterned Surfaces on Glass Substrate for Water Harvesting. Journal of Materials Science
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