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Publications:  Dr Angela Dunstan

Dunstan A(2019). 'The Newest Culte': Victorian Poetry and the Literary Societies of the 1880s. The Literary 1880s, Cambridge University Press
Dunstan A(2019). Victorian Experiments in Reading Scientifically. Mapping Fields of Study: The Cultural and Institutional Space of English Studies,
Dunstan A(2018). 'All the senses would melt into one': Theodore Watts-Dunton’s Aylwin and the Decadent. Decadence and the Senses,
Dunstan A(2014). Nineteenth-Century Sculpture and the Imprint of Authenticity. 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century vol. 0, (19)
Dunstan A(2014). The Shelley Society, Literary Lectures, and the Global Circulation of English Literature and Scholarly Practice. Modern Language Quarterly vol. 75, (2) 279-296.
Dunstan A(2014). Thomas Woolner's 'Bad Times for Sculpture': Framing Victorian Sculpture in Vocabularies of Neglect. Australasian Journal of Victorian Studies vol. 19, (1)
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