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Publications:  Dr Anne-Marie Beirne

Beirne A, Rathod K, Jain A, Mathur A, Wragg A, Smith EJ, Jones DA, Kalra S et al. (2019). The association between prior coronary artery bypass graft surgery and outcome after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI): an observational study of 123,780 patients. EUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL. vol. 40, 4112-4112.
Alizadeh M, Antoniou S, Fhadil S, Rathod R, Guttmann O, Knight C, Timmis A, Wragg A et al. (2019). The use of direct oral anti-coagulations (DOACs) compared to vitamin k antagonist in patients with left ventricular thrombus after acute myocardial infarction. EUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL. vol. 40, 4026-4026.
Colicchia M, Jones DA, Beirne AM, Hussain M, Weeraman D, Rathod K, Veerapen J, Lowdell M et al.(2019). Umbilical cord–derived mesenchymal stromal cells in cardiovascular disease: review of preclinical and clinical data. Cytotherapy vol. 21, (10) 1007-1018.
Jones DA, Castle EV, Beirne A-M, Rathod KS, Treibel TA, Guttmann OP, Moon JC, Smith EJ et al.(2019). An Observational Study assessing the value of Computed Tomography Cardiac Angiography (CTCA) in planning invasive angiographic procedures in patients with previous coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). EuroIntervention
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