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Publications:  Dr Andreas Papamichail

Ekzayez A, Flecknoe MD, Lillywhite L, Patel P, Papamichail A, Elbahtimy H(2019). Chemical Weapons and public health: assessing impact and responses. J Public Health (Oxf)
El Achi N, Papamichail A, Rizk A, Lindsay H, Menassa M, Abdul-Khalek RA, Ekzayez A, Dewachi O et al.(2019). A conceptual framework for capacity strengthening of health research in conflict: The case of the Middle East and North Africa region. Globalization and Health vol. 15, (1)
Bowsher G, Papamichail A, El Achi N, Ekzayez A, Roberts B, Sullivan R, Patel P(2019). A narrative review of health research capacity strengthening in low and middle-income countries: Lessons for conflict-affected areas. Globalization and Health vol. 15, (1)
Papamichail A, Partis-Jennings H(2016). Why common humanity? Framing the responsibility to protect as a common response. International Politics vol. 53, (1) 83-100.
Papamichail A, Brown GW, Loewenson R, Modisenyane M, Cinar B(2015). Business as usual? The role of BRICS co-operation in addressing health system priorities in East and Southern Africa. Journal of Health Diplomacy vol. 1, (3)
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