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Publications:   Ioanna Keklikoglou

Keklikoglou I, Cianciaruso C, Güç E, Squadrito ML, Spring LM, Tazzyman S, Lambein L, Poissonnier A et al.(2019). Chemotherapy elicits pro-metastatic extracellular vesicles in breast cancer models. Nature Cell Biology vol. 21, (2) 190-202.
Keklikoglou I, Kadioglu E, Bissinger S, Langlois B, Bellotti A, Orend G, Ries CH, De Palma M(2018). Periostin Limits Tumor Response to VEGFA Inhibition. Cell Reports vol. 22, (10) 2530-2540.
Bissinger S, Schmittnaegel M, Keklikoglou I, De Palma M, Hoves S, Ries C (2017). CSF1/CSF1R signaling blockade triggers release of matrix-degrading proteases in mouse models. JOURNAL FOR IMMUNOTHERAPY OF CANCER. vol. 5,
Keklikoglou I, Hosaka K, Bender C, Bott A, Koerner C, Mitra D, Will R, Woerner A et al.(2015). MicroRNA-206 functions as a pleiotropic modulator of cell proliferation, invasion and lymphangiogenesis in pancreatic adenocarcinoma by targeting ANXA2 and KRAS genes. Oncogene vol. 34, (37) 4867-4878.
Hughes R, Qian BZ, Rowan C, Muthana M, Keklikoglou I, Olson OC, Tazzyman S, Danson S et al.(2015). Perivascular M2 macrophages stimulate tumor relapse after chemotherapy. Cancer Research vol. 75, (17) 3479-3491.
Russell H, Qian B, Keklikoglou I, Oakley O, Muthana M, De Palma M, Joyce J, Pollard J et al. (2015). A distinct subset of perivascular macrophages drive tumour relapse after chemotherapy. CLINICAL & EXPERIMENTAL METASTASIS. vol. 32, 184-184.
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Körner C, Keklikoglou I, Bender C, Wörner A, Münstermann E, Wiemann S(2013). MicroRNA-31 sensitizes human breast cells to apoptosis by direct targeting of protein kinase C ε (PKCε). Journal of Biological Chemistry vol. 288, (12) 8750-8761.
Keklikoglou I, Koerner C, Schmidt C, Zhang JD, Heckmann D, Shavinskaya A, Allgayer H, Gückel B et al.(2012). MicroRNA-520/373 family functions as a tumor suppressor in estrogen receptor negative breast cancer by targeting NF-B and TGF-Β signaling pathways. Oncogene vol. 31, (37) 4150-4163.
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Arrizubieta MJ, Kanata E, Keklikoglou I, Papasavva-Stylianou P, Toumazos P, Panagiotidis CH, Sklaviadis T(2009). Design and validation of a high-throughput assay to detect codon 146 polymorphisms in the caprine prion protein gene. Analytical Biochemistry vol. 393, (2) 229-233.
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