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Publications:  Dr Deepti Gurdasani

Gurdasani D, Ziauddeen H(2020). On the fallibility of simulation models in informing pandemic responses. The Lancet Global Health vol. 8, (6) e776-e777.
Gurdasani D, Carstensen T, Fatumo S, Chen G, Franklin CS, Prado-Martinez J, Bouman H, Abascal F et al.(2019). Uganda Genome Resource Enables Insights into Population History and Genomic Discovery in Africa. Cell vol. 179, (4) 984-1002.e36.
Heckerman D, Gurdasani D, Kadie C, Pomilla C, Carstensen T, Martin H, Ekoru K, Nsubuga RN et al.(2016). Linear mixed model for heritability estimation that explicitly addresses environmental variation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America vol. 113, (27) 7377-7382.
Gurdasani D, Carstensen T, Tekola-Ayele F, Pagani L, Tachmazidou I, Hatzikotoulas K, Karthikeyan S, Iles L et al.(2015). The African Genome Variation Project shapes medical genetics in Africa. Nature vol. 517, (7534) 327-332.
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