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Publications:  Dr Hedi Viterbo

Viterbo H(2020). The Pitfalls of Separating Youth in Prison: A Critique of Age-Segregated Incarceration. The Palgrave Handbook on Youth Imprisonment, Editors: Abrams, L, Cox, A, Palgrave Macmillan
Viterbo H(2019). Torture's In/visibility. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Torture, Editors: Olson, L, Molloy, S, Brill (Leiden, The Netherlands),
Viterbo H(2018). Rights as a Divide-and-Rule Mechanism: Lessons from the Case of Palestinians in Israeli Custody. Law and Social Inquiry vol. 43, (3) 764-795.
Ben-Naftali O, Sfard M, Viterbo H(2018). The ABC of the OPT A Legal Lexicon of the Israeli Control over the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Cambridge University Press
Viterbo H(2017). Ties of Separation: Analogy and Generational Segregation in North America, Australia, and Israel/Palestine. Brooklyn Journal of International Law vol. 42, 686-749.
Viterbo H(2016). Defamation Law. LGBTQ Rights in Israel: Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation and the Law, Editors: Harel, A, Morgenstern, E, Lushinsky, Y, Nevo
Viterbo H(2014). Seeing torture anew: A transnational reconceptualization of state torture and visual evidence. Stanford Journal of International Law vol. 50, (2) 281-318.
Viterbo H(2012). The Age of Conflict: Rethinking Childhood, Law, and Age Through the Israeli-Palestinian Case. Law and Childhood Studies: Current Legal Issues, vol. 14,
Viterbo H(2010). The Crisis of Heterosexuality: The Construction of Sexual Identities in Defamation Law. Tel Aviv University Law Review vol. 53, 5-50.
Viterbo H(2005). Guarantees of Collectivity: Education Law and the Erasure of Ethnic Minority History. Tel Aviv University Interdisciplinary Journal vol. 7, 44-47.
Viterbo H(2004). From the Abyss of Oblivion to the Depths of the Feminine: A Poetic-Political Perspective on Gender and Sexuality. Tel Aviv University Interdisciplinary Journal vol. 6, 2-6.
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