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Publications:  Dr John Adenitire

Adenitire J(2019). A General Legal Right to Conscientious Exemption Beyond Religious Privilege.
Adams Z, Adenitire JO(2018). Ideological neutrality in the workplace. Modern Law Review vol. 81, (2) 348-360.
Adenitire JO(2017). The BMA's guidance on conscientious objection may be contrary to human rights law. Journal of Medical Ethics vol. 43, (4) 260-263.
Adenitire JO(2017). Conscientious exemptions: From toleration to neutrality; From neutrality to respect. Oxford Journal of Law and Religion vol. 6, (2) 268-292.
Adenitire J(2016). A Conscience-Based Human Right to be ‘Doctor Death’. Public Law vol. 4, 613-630.
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