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Publications:  Dr Rachel Humphris

Humphris R, Sigona N(2019). The Bureaucratic Capture of Child Migrants: Effects of In/visibility on Children On the Move. Antipode vol. 51, (5) 1495-1514.
Meloni F, Humphris R(2019). Citizens of Nowhere? Paradoxes of State Parental Responsibility for Unaccompanied Migrant Children in the United Kingdom. Journal of Refugee Studies
Humphris R(2019). Home-Land: Romanian Roma, domestic spaces and the state Romanian Roma and making new citizens in an era of uncertainty. Bristol University Press
Pemberton S, Phillimore J, Bradby H, Padilla B, Lopes J, Samerski S, Humphris R(2019). Access to healthcare in superdiverse neighbourhoods. Health & Place vol. 55, 128-135.
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