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Publications:  Prof Mathias Thoenig

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Berman N, Couttenier M, Rohner D, Thoenig M(2017). This Mine is Mine! How Minerals Fuel Conflicts in Africa. American Economic Review vol. 107, (6) 1564-1610.
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Cacault MP, Goette L, Lalive R, Thoenig M(2015). Do we harm others even if we don't need to?. Frontiers in Psychology vol. 6,
Head K, Mayer T, Thoenig M(2014). Welfare and Trade without Pareto. American Economic Review vol. 104, (5) 310-316.
Maystre N, Olivier J, Thoenig M, Verdier T(2014). Product-based cultural change: Is the village global?. Journal of International Economics vol. 92, (2) 212-230.
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