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Publications:  Dr Anna Maguire

Maguire A(2019). ‘You wouldn’t want your daughter marrying one’: parental intervention into mixed‐race relationships in post‐war Britain. Historical Research vol. 92, (256) 432-444.
Maguire A(2018). ‘I felt like a man’: West Indian troops under fire during the First World War. Slavery & Abolition vol. 39, (3) 602-621.
Maguire A(2018). The Sphinx and Shepheard’s Hotel: Colonial Tourism in Egypt during the First World War. Dhau, Jahrbuch für außereuropäische Geschichte, vol. 3,
Maguire A(2018). Uncovering the Colonial Cultures and Encounters of the British Empire during the First World War. Inside World War One? The First World War and its Witnesses, Editors: Bessel, R, Wierling, D, Oxford University Press (Oxford),
Maguire A(2017). Transnational Lives: Colonial Life Writing and the First World War. The Edinburgh Companion to the First World War and the Arts, Editors: Einhaus, A-M, Baxter, KI, Edinburgh University Press (Edinburgh),
Maguire A(2016). Looking for Home? New Zealand Soldiers Visiting London during the First World War. The London Journal vol. 41, (3) 281-298.
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