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Publications:  Dr Maria Ines Lobato de Faria de Matos Sequeira

Joost S, Annusver K, Jacob T, Sun X, Dalessandri T, Sivan U, Sequeira I, Sandberg R et al.(2020). The Molecular Anatomy of Mouse Skin during Hair Growth and Rest. Cell Stem Cell vol. 26, (3) 441-457.e7.
Byrd KM, Piehl NC, Patel JH, Huh WJ, Sequeira I, Lough KJ, Wagner BL, Marangoni P et al.(2019). Heterogeneity within Stratified Epithelial Stem Cell Populations Maintains the Oral Mucosa in Response to Physiological Stress. Cell Stem Cell vol. 25, (6) 814-829.e6.
Sequeira I, Watt FM(2019). The role of keratins in modulating carcinogenesis via communication with cells of the immune system. Cell Stress vol. 3, (4) 136-138.
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Liakath¿Ali K, Vancollie VE, Sequeira I, Lelliott CJ, Watt FM(2018). Myosin 10 is involved in murine pigmentation. Experimental Dermatology vol. 28, (4) 391-394.
Liakath-Ali K, Mills EW, Sequeira I, Lichtenberger BM, Pisco AO, Sipilä KH, Mishra A, Yoshikawa H et al.(2018). An evolutionarily conserved ribosome-rescue pathway maintains epidermal homeostasis. Nature vol. 556, (7701) 376-380.
Telerman SB, Rognoni E, Sequeira I, Pisco AO, Lichtenberger BM, Culley OJ, Viswanathan P, Driskell RR et al.(2017). Dermal Blimp1 Acts Downstream of Epidermal TGFβ and Wnt/β-Catenin to Regulate Hair Follicle Formation and Growth. Journal of Investigative Dermatology vol. 137, (11) 2270-2281.
Weber C, Telerman SB, Reimer AS, Sequeira I, Liakath-Ali K, Arwert EN, Watt FM(2016). Macrophage Infiltration and Alternative Activation during Wound Healing Promote MEK1-Induced Skin Carcinogenesis. Cancer Research vol. 76, (4) 805-817.
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Della Gaspera B, Sequeira I, Charbonnier F, Becker C, Shi D-L, Chanoine C(2006). Spatio-temporal expression of MRF4 transcripts and protein duringXenopus laevis embryogenesis. Developmental Dynamics vol. 235, (2) 524-529.
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