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Publications:  Dr Helen Rowe

Gould PA, Rowe HM(2019). A nuclear licence to silence transposons. EMBO reports vol. 20, (12)
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Smith-Moore S, Neil SJD, Fraefel C, Linden RM, Bollen M, Rowe HM, Henckaerts E(2018). Adeno-associated virus Rep proteins antagonize phosphatase PP1 to counteract KAP1 repression of the latent viral genome. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences vol. 115, (15) E3529-E3538.
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Rowe HM, Lopes L, Brown N, Efklidou S, Smallie T, Karrar S, Kaye PM, Collins MK(2009). Expression of vFLIP in a Lentiviral Vaccine Vector Activates NF-κB, Matures Dendritic Cells, and Increases CD8+ T-Cell Responses. Journal of Virology vol. 83, (4) 1555-1562.
Rowe HM, Lopes L, Ikeda Y, Bailey R, Barde I, Zenke M, Chain BM, Collins MK(2006). Immunization with a Lentiviral Vector Stimulates both CD4 and CD8 T Cell Responses to an Ovalbumin Transgene. Molecular Therapy vol. 13, (2) 310-319.
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