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Publications:  Dr Pierre Maillard

Maillard PV, Veen AG, Poirier EZ, Reis e Sousa C(2019). Slicing and dicing viruses: antiviral RNA interference in mammals. The EMBO Journal vol. 38, (8)
Veen AG, Maillard PV, Schmidt JM, Lee SA, Deddouche¿Grass S, Borg A, Kjær S, Snijders AP et al.(2018). The RIG‐I‐like receptor LGP2 inhibits Dicer‐dependent processing of long double‐stranded RNA and blocks RNA interference in mammalian cells. The EMBO Journal vol. 37, (4)
Maillard PV, Van der Veen AG, Deddouche¿Grass S, Rogers NC, Merits A, Reis e Sousa C(2016). Inactivation of the type I interferon pathway reveals long double‐stranded RNA ‐mediated RNA interference in mammalian cells. The EMBO Journal vol. 35, (23) 2505-2518.
van der Veen AG, Maillard PV, Reis e Sousa C(2015). Drosha cuts the tethers of myelopoiesis. Nature Immunology vol. 16, (11) 1110-1112.
Deddouche S, Goubau D, Rehwinkel J, Chakravarty P, Begum S, Maillard PV, Borg A, Matthews N et al.(2014). Identification of an LGP2-associated MDA5 agonist in picornavirus-infected cells. eLife vol. 3,
Maillard PV, Ciaudo C, Marchais A, Li Y, Jay F, Ding SW, Voinnet O(2013). Antiviral RNA Interference in Mammalian Cells. Science vol. 342, (6155) 235-238.
Maillard PV, Zoete V, Michielin O, Trono D(2010). Homology-based Identification of Capsid Determinants That Protect HIV1 from Human TRIM5α Restriction. Journal of Biological Chemistry vol. 286, (10) 8128-8140.
Maillard PV, Ecco G, Ortiz M, Trono D(2010). The Specificity of TRIM5α-Mediated Restriction Is Influenced by Its Coiled-Coil Domain. Journal of Virology vol. 84, (11) 5790-5801.
Rowe HM, Jakobsson J, Mesnard D, Rougemont J, Reynard S, Aktas T, Maillard PV, Layard-Liesching H et al.(2010). KAP1 controls endogenous retroviruses in embryonic stem cells. Nature vol. 463, (7278) 237-240.
Diaz-Griffero F, Perron M, McGee-Estrada K, Hanna R, Maillard PV, Trono D, Sodroski J(2008). A human TRIM5α B30.2/SPRY domain mutant gains the ability to restrict and prematurely uncoat B-tropic murine leukemia virus. Virology vol. 378, (2) 233-242.
Maillard PV, Reynard S, Serhan F, Turelli P, Trono D(2007). Interfering Residues Narrow the Spectrum of MLV Restriction by Human TRIM5α. PLoS Pathogens vol. 3, (12) e200-e200.
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