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Publications:  Dr Rosalind Drinkwater

Drinkwater R, Williamson J, Swinfield T, Deere NJ, Struebig MJ, Clare EL, Coomes D, Rossiter SJ(2019). Occurrence of blood-feeding terrestrial leeches (Haemadipsidae) in a degraded forest ecosystem and their potential as ecological indicators. Biotropica
Drinkwater R, Schnell IB, Bohmann K, Bernard H, Veron G, Clare E, Gilbert MTP, Rossiter SJ(2019). Using metabarcoding to compare the suitability of two blood-feeding leech species for sampling mammalian diversity in North Borneo. Molecular Ecology Resources vol. 19, (1) 105-117.
Drinkwater R (2015). The effect of rainforest fragmentation on tropical mammals using leech blood-meal analysis and DNA barcoding. GENOME. vol. 58, 213-214.
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