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Publications:  Prof Qingbo Xu

Kelleher J, Dickinson A, Cain S, Hu Y, Bates N, Harvey A, Ren J, Zhang W et al.(2019). Patient-Specific iPSC Model of a Genetic Vascular Dementia Syndrome Reveals Failure of Mural Cells to Stabilize Capillary Structures. Stem Cell Reports vol. 13, (5) 817-831.
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Gu W, Ni Z, Tan YQ, Deng J, Zhang SJ, Lv ZC, Wang XJ, Chen T et al.(2019). Adventitial Cell Atlas of wt (Wild Type) and ApoE (Apolipoprotein E)-Deficient Mice Defined by Single-Cell RNA Sequencing. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology vol. 39, (6) 1055-1071.
Fan Y, Chen Y, Zhang J, Yang F, Hu Y, Zhang L, Zeng C, Xu Q(2019). Protective role of RNA helicase dead-box protein 5 in smooth muscle cell proliferation and vascular remodeling. Circulation Research vol. 124, (10) E84-E100.
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Zhao G, Fu Y, Cai Z, Yu F, Gong Z, Dai R, Hu Y, Zeng L et al.(2017). Unspliced XBP1 Confers VSMC Homeostasis and Prevents Aortic Aneurysm Formation via FoxO4 Interaction. Circulation Research vol. 121, (12) 1331-1345.
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Campagnolo P, Tsai TN, Hong X, Kirton JP, So PW, Margariti A, Di Bernardini E, Wong MM et al.(2015). C-Kit+ progenitors generate vascular cells for tissue-engineered grafts through modulation of the Wnt/Klf4 pathway. Biomaterials vol. 60, 53-61.
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