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Publications:  Dr Paulo Rauber

Rauber P, Ummadisingu A, Mutz F, Schmidhuber J (2019). Hindsight policy gradients. International Conference on Learning Representations.
Kruiger JF, Rauber PE, Martins RM, Kerren A, Kobourov S, Telea AC(2017). Graph Layouts by t‐SNE. Computer Graphics Forum vol. 36, (3) 283-294.
Rauber PE, Falcão AX, Telea AC(2017). Projections as visual aids for classification system design. Information Visualization vol. 17, (4) 282-305.
Rauber PE, Fadel SG, Falcao AX, Telea AC(2017). Visualizing the Hidden Activity of Artificial Neural Networks. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics vol. 23, (1) 101-110.
Rauber PE, Falcão AX, Telea AC (2016). Visualizing Time-Dependent Data Using Dynamic t-SNE. Conference: EuroVis (Short Papers)
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