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Publications:  Dr Luigi Ombrato

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Ombrato L, Nolan E, Kurelac I, Mavousian A, Bridgeman VL, Heinze I, Chakravarty P, Horswell S et al.(2019). Author Correction: Metastatic-niche labelling reveals parenchymal cells with stem features (Nature, (2019), 572, 7771, (603-608), 10.1038/s41586-019-1487-6). Nature vol. 575, (7784)
Ombrato L, Nolan E, Kurelac I, Mavousian A, Bridgeman VL, Heinze I, Chakravarty P, Horswell S et al.(2019). Metastatic-niche labelling reveals parenchymal cells with stem features. Nature vol. 572, (7771) 603-608.
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Buccigrossi V, De Marco G, Bruzzese E, Ombrato L, Bracale I, Polito G, Guarino A(2007). Lactoferrin induces concentration-dependent functional modulation of intestinal proliferation and differentiation. Pediatric Research vol. 61, (4) 410-414.
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