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Publications:  Prof Richard Falk

Falk(2019). Geopolitical Crimes: A Preliminary Jurisprudential Proposal. State Crime Journal vol. 8, (1) 5-5.
Falk R(2019). Global Inequality and Human Rights: An Odd Couple. Humanity: An International Journal of Human Rights, Humanitarianism, and Development vol. 10, (3) 404-415.
Falk RA(2017). Palestine's Horizon Towards a Just Peace. Pluto Press (UK)
Falk R(2016). Power Shift On the New Global Order. Zed Books Ltd.
Falk R(2015). Chaos and Counterrevolution.
Falk R(2014). Palestine The Legitimacy of Hope.
Falk R(2014). Humanitarian Intervention and Legitimacy Wars Seeking Peace and Justice in the 21st Century. Routledge
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