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Publications:  Prof Shalom Lappin

Lau JH, Santos Armendariz C, Lappin S, Purver M, Shu C(2020). How Furiously Can Colourless Green Ideas Sleep? Sentence Acceptability in Context. Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics vol. 8, 296-310.
Bernardy J-P, Blanck R, Chatzikyriakidis S, Lappin S, Maskharashvili A (2019). Bayesian Inference Semantics: A Modelling System and A Test Suite. from: 06/06/2019 to: 07/06/2019, is. 2019, pp. 263-272. Association of Computational Linguistics (Minneapolis MN), Abstract: java.sql.Clob org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.WrappedClob ,
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Bizzoni Y, Lappin S (2018). Predicting Human Metaphor Paraphrase Judgments with Deep Neural Networks. from: 10/06/2018 to: 10/06/2018, pp. 45-55. Association of Computational Linguistics (New Orleans, LA), Abstract: java.sql.Clob org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.WrappedClob ,
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Bernardy J-P, Lappin S(2017). Using Deep Neural Networks to Learn Syntactic Agreement. Linguistic Issues in Language Technology vol. 15, (2) 1-15.
Lau JH, Clark A, Lappin S(2016). Grammaticality, Acceptability, and Probability: A Probabilistic View of Linguistic Knowledge. Cognitive Science vol. 41, (5) 1202-1241.
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