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Publications:  Dr Lalit Dubey

Dubey LK, Ludewig B, Luther SA, Harris NL(2019). IL-4Rα-Expressing B Cells Are Required for CXCL13 Production by Fibroblastic Reticular Cells. Cell Reports vol. 27, (8) 2442-2458.e5.
Dubey LK, Karempudi P, Luther SA, Ludewig B, Harris NL(2017). Interactions between fibroblastic reticular cells and B cells promote mesenteric lymph node lymphangiogenesis. Nature Communications vol. 8, (1) Article 367,
Dubey LK, Lebon L, Mosconi I, Yang C-Y, Scandella E, Ludewig B, Luther SA, Harris NL(2016). Lymphotoxin-Dependent B Cell-FRC Crosstalk Promotes De Novo Follicle Formation and Antibody Production following Intestinal Helminth Infection. Cell Reports vol. 15, (7) 1527-1541.
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