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Publications:  Prof Andrew Livingston

Dong R, Liu R, Gaffney PRJ, Schaepertoens M, Marchetti P, Williams CM, Chen R, Livingston AG(2018). Sequence-defined multifunctional polyethers via liquid-phase synthesis with molecular sieving. Nature Chemistry vol. 11, (2) 136-145.
Jiang Z, Karan S, Livingston AG(2018). Water Transport through Ultrathin Polyamide Nanofilms Used for Reverse Osmosis. Advanced Materials vol. 30, (15)
Peeva L, Burgal JDS, Heckenast Z, Brazy F, Cazenave F, Livingston A(2016). Continuous Consecutive Reactions with Inter-Reaction Solvent Exchange by Membrane Separation. Angewandte Chemie International Edition vol. 55, (43) 13576-13579.
Jimenez-Solomon MF, Song Q, Jelfs KE, Munoz-Ibanez M, Livingston AG(2016). Polymer nanofilms with enhanced microporosity by interfacial polymerization. Nature Materials vol. 15, (7) 760-767.
Karan S, Jiang Z, Livingston AG(2015). Sub-10 nm polyamide nanofilms with ultrafast solvent transport for molecular separation. Science vol. 348, (6241) 1347-1351.
Gorgojo P, Karan S, Wong HC, Jimenez-Solomon MF, Cabral JT, Livingston AG(2014). Ultrathin polymer films with intrinsic microporosity: Anomalous solvent permeation and high flux membranes. Advanced Functional Materials vol. 24, (30) 4729-4737.
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